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About G26 MotoBlog

G26AvatarG26 MotoBlog is my way of letting people know what I do and think as far as motorcycles go.  Look for ride reports, information about my bikes, and what I think about products I have used or purchased here.

I am not in any way a professional rider, writer, or photographer.  I am a guy that occasionally obsesses over things, and those things usually are closely connected with some combination of riding, writing, and taking pictures.  Every once in a while I will even update this blog.  I hope to have the occasional great post in this blog, but I know, and hope that you understand as well, that not every rock is a diamond, and not all of my posts will be interesting, or even worth reading.  You have been warned…

I currently have four motorcycles:

  • 2013 Honda Gl1800 Goldwing (Tina’s Limo)
  • 2013 Honda CBR500R
  • 2009 Kawasaki KLR650 (The Dirt Ninja)
  • 2004 Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom (The Vee)

There are a couple of other bikes in the garage as well as two 4-wheelers, but I only ride the four listed above.

I will try to keep the content here mostly on topic, though there may be the occasional pointless rant or babble.

Please feel free to browse, comment if you like.  I enjoy feedback on these projects.



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