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2015 Ménage-a-Trois’ Rally Information

January 9, 2015

In my last post I mentioned a rally that I have entered called the Ménage-a-Trois’ Rally.  I might as well tell you right now to get used to reading about the rally here.  It will take up a bunch of my motorcycle-based brain time and will also be my main excuse for going on longer rides and buying what would look, to the disinterested observer (my wife…), like useless toys and crap.

Anyway…  In an effort to obtain any slight advantage, I have been doing some deep research into possible routes, bonus locations, riding techniques, equipment reviews, and anything else I can claim as productive work instead of wasting time on the internet, but have come up with almost nothing directly related to this rally.  The following memo-type thing was sent out by the Rally Master (I’m guessing he’s kind of like a D&D Dungeon Master, but with a motorcycle instead of a dragon) as information to a prospective participant.  In an effort to make this information more widely available, here is the memo.


The 2015 Ménage-a-Trois’ will have three separate rallies. The 12 hour rally will cover a minimum of 544 miles. The 24-hour rally will cover a minimum of 1,088 miles. And to be a finisher in the 36-hour event, you will need to cover a minimum of 1,632 miles.

There will be no main or suggested route for any of the three events. Riders will be handed list of possible bonus locations prior to the start of their respective event. It is up to the rider to decide which locations they are going to visit. There will be a non mandatory checkpoint in each event. When we say non mandatory we mean riders are not required to make the checkpoint within a specified time window. If however they do visit the checkpoint within that specified time window they will earn substantial bonus points.

Bonus destinations may leave paved highways, and may require the use of a Polaroid/Digital camera and/or a GPS. It may also require tracking, trapping, and survival skills in order to earn the points. If you’re still using a Polaroid camera, approximate film use should be no more than one package of Polaroid film for each 12 hours of your event. If you’re using a digital camera, you’ll need only one memory card. Now, if your photographic skills leave a lot to be desired, then you should plan to bring substantially more memory cards or Polaroid film.

Because there is no main or suggested route on this event, there will not be any alternative routes for you to choose from. Your bonus listing will offer you far more choices than you will ever be able to complete within the specified time of your event.

The bonus listing for the 36-hour event will be handed out Friday evening 30 minutes prior to the start of the rally. You may take as much time as you like to develop you winning route, but please remember after 30 minutes you will be on the rally clock. The longer you stay at the hotel, the less time you will have to ride and earn points. For the 12-hour and 24-hour riders, you will receive your bonus listing on Saturday morning 30 minutes prior to the start of the rally. Like the 36-hour riders, you may take as much time as you like to develop your winning route. For those of you that will require divine guidance to come up with your winning route, we will have our Shaman, our resident psychiatrist, a rabbi, and a priest available for general counseling and guidance.

To be eligible for a finisher’s award, the participants must travel at least the minimum mileage of the main route of their respective rally, and arrive back at the finish line within the allotted time of their event.

You must finish the rally on the same motorcycle that you started on, and all motorcycles will have only ONE operator during the rally.

An odometer check is required prior to the start of the rally so that we can calculate the actual mileage the rider travels during the event. That mileage figure is then certified and forwarded on to MERA so that any of you that are looking to get your rides certified, well all you’ll have to do is apply. The mileage figures are also available to other organizations that may require them.

The Ménage-a-Trois’ will continue the MERA tradition of being a competitively scored rally. The top three (3) positions in each event in the single rider category, AND the top three (3) finishing positions in each event in the couple’s category will receive position plaques. All other finishers will receive a finisher’s award.

That’s all I have for now.  Any new information I get I will try to post here, unless I decide it is proprietary information, then you all can wait until after the rally…

If this has piqued your interest in the rally you can find the application here:  Ménage-a-Trois’ Rally Registration Form

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