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2013 In Review

January 9, 2014

2013 was a good year for me from a motorcycling aspect.  I started up this blog and haven’t (yet) been told that I am wasting my time.  I was able to go on several long rides, visiting 16 states on both coasts.  I picked up another bike, the 2007 Kawasaki Ninja 250.  I didn’t end up in any accidents or highly embarrassing motorcycle drops.  Yep, it was a good year.

Hmmm, not much of a review.  I should probably elaborate a bit.

9589141925_e7f3f79e19_bThis blog, G26 MotoBlog, started up in February of 2013 as a way for me to let family and friends know (you could probably replace that with “brag about the cool stuff I do even though nobody really cares” with little loss of accuracy) what is going on with my motorcycling hobby (obsession?).  I wasn’t sure how seriously I would take the project, but it turns out that I enjoy the writing.  I like the photographic aspects – planning out and taking pictures – even more.  All told I published 16 posts and G26 MotoBlog received about 600 hits from 19 countries in its first year.  As you can see in the image to the left, I even went out and had some stickers made – mostly just because I could.

2013 States Traveled In Map

Rides  –  The reason for this blog.  I took three major rides last year:  The California trip, the Arizona trip, and a trip with my wife from Atlanta, Georgia to Panama City Beach, Florida on a rented Honda Goldwing.  I haven’t put up a post on that last ride.  I will save that for later this winter.  Anywho, over the course of the three rides, along with general day-to-day riding, I covered 8,907 miles.  As I mentioned earlier, I visited 16 states on a motorcycle last year.  Most of the states were relatively easy to ride to because they are west of the Mississippi River, but Georgia, Florida, and Alabama were kind of an unexpected gift thanks to a trip we took to see my wife’s father and the aforementioned rented Goldwing.  More on that trip later…

At the start of this blog I posted the 2012 starting mileage for the three bikes I had in my garage at the time.  The Goldwing started the year with 36,830 miles, the V-Strom had 36,705 miles, and the KLR 650 had 1012 miles.  When I bought the Ninja it had 13,936 miles.  The ending mileage for the Goldwing was 38,265 miles, the V-Strom ended with 43,231 miles, the KLR 650 ended the year with 1,048 miles, and the Ninja finished with 14,035 miles.

The grand totals for 2013:

  • 2007 Goldwing:  1,435 miles
  • 2004 V-Strom 1000: 6,526 miles
  • 2009 KLR 650:  36 miles
  • 2007 Ninja 250:  99 miles
  • Rented Goldwing: 811 miles

The mileage on my four bikes totaled 8,096 miles.  With the miles on the rented bike added in the total for the year was 8,907 miles.  As I said earlier, not a bad year.

I mentioned the new (to me) Ninja 250.  You can find out more about that bike by reading this post.  Since picking up the Ninja I have replaced the tires and the bent handlebars.  I also dug into the guts a bit (very little bit) and cleaned the cam chain tensioner.  That shouldn’t really mean anything to anybody other than the fact that I have started to do mechanical work on my bikes in addition to changing the oil and bolting accessories onto the bikes.  As another little side project I made a video of how the Ninja sounded before I cleaned the cam chain thingy and after I cleaned it.  You may notice a difference from the video, you may not, but rest assured that in real life the bike sounded much better after I was done.

Yeah, I know, not much of a plot line or character development, but I think I get the point across…

All told, I really enjoyed last year.  I was able to see some great sights.  I was able to visit my entire immediate family and some of my wife’s family, although we were not able to make it up to visit her sister in Oregon.  That sounds like a trip for this year…  Also, as I said at the beginning of this post, I didn’t have any accidents, or even any close calls.  I’m not trying to tempt fate here, but with that many miles, the possibility of a problem occurring goes up a bit.  Finally, I took what I thought were great pictures.  Most of the pictures have already been posted elsewhere in the G26 MotoBlog as well as on Facebook.  Just in case you, the reader, have managed to not see any of these awesome pictures from 2013, here they are, again…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for a great year and for reading the G26 MotoBlog,


  1. Nice summary of the year and your put in your fair share of miles, I only did about 5000 in my first season hopefully many more in the next. May there be many trouble free miles ahead.


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